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Table 1 Provenance and GenBank accessions for the reference sequences used in the phylogenetic analyses

From: Molecular characterization of human Echinococcus isolates and the first report of E. canadensis (G6/G7) and E. multilocularis from the Punjab Province of Pakistan using sequence analysis

Species/Marker cox1 cytb nad1 Reference
E. granulosus (s.s.) Portugal (HF947554)    [16]
Argentina (MG672207)
Algeria (MG672288)
Greece (MG672282)
Australia (MG672263)
Mexico (MG672259)
Tunisia (MG672171)
Turkey (MG682535)
Algeria (MG672293)
Iran (MG672246)
Algeria (MG682544)
Iran (MG682539)
Spain (MG682527) Turkey (MG682536)
Algeria (MG672293)
Greece (MG672282)
Mexico (MG672259)
Mongolia (MG672254)
Finland (MG682511) India (MG682512) Albania (MG682514) Romania (MG682516) Turkey (MG682535) Italy (MG682521) Iran (MG682541) Turkey (MG682531)
Greece (KU925430) Romania (KU925431) Spain (KU925419)    [18]
Turkey (KY766888) Iran (KY766899) Morocco (EF367275) France (KY766892)   France (KY766893) [19]
Brazil (KT382540)a   
Argentina (KX039948)    [20]
Palestine (KC109658)    [21]
E. equinus Turkey (KY766905) Turkey (KY766905) Turkey (KY766905) [19]
UK (AB786665) UK (AB786665)   [22]
    Germany (GQ420652) [23]
E. ortleppi    India (KY766908) [19]
   Japan (AB235846) [2]
E. canadensis (G6/G7) Kenya (KX010838)    [24]
  Mauritania (MH300954) Sudan (MH300948) Kenya (MH300938) Argentina (MH300934)
Lithuania (MH301020)
Ukraine (MH301022)
France (MH300997)
Sudan (MH300939) Lithuani (MH301020) [25]
Mongolia (AB893260)    [26]
Japan (AB235847)    [2]
Peru (AB777925)    [27]
Mongolia (AB271236)a   
  China (MG597240)a  
  Japan (AB745463)   [22]
E. multilocularis   China (KY290787, KY290785, MF370869, MF370870)a  
  China (KT965467)   [28]
  Poland (KY205667, KY205676, KY205670)   [29]
  Canada (KC549999, KC550006)   [30]
  Slovakia (AB461397) Japan (AB461399, AB477009)
France (AB461396) Kazakhstan (AB461398) Mongolia (AB461402)
  Canada (JF751035)   [32]
  Japan (AB018440)   
  1. aGenBank (otherwise unpublished)