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Table 1 Low T and B cell counts and low immunoglobulin levels

From: Disseminated Mycobacterium simiae infection in a patient with adult-onset immunodeficiency due to anti-interferon-gamma antibodies – a case report

InvestigationResultReference value
CD4 lymphocyte absolute counts45 cells/mm3300–1400
CD8 lymphocyte absolute counts21 cells/mm3200–900
CD4 / CD8 ratio2.950.7–2.5
CD3 lymphocyte absolute counts72 cells/mm3700–2100
CD19 lymphocyte absolute counts43 cells/mm3100–500
Ig E level13.9 IU/mL20.4 (95% ile = 87)
IgA level56.0 mg/dL70–400
IgG level670 mg/dL700–1600
IgM level70.5 mg/dL40–230