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Table 2 Completeness of information on demographic and clinical characteristics of TB index cases and their contacts

From: International tuberculosis contact-tracing notifications in Germany: analysis of national data from 2010 to 2018 and implications for efficiency

CharacteristicsInformation available
Index cases – demographic characteristics (N = 192)
Index cases – lab and clinical characteristics (N = 192)
 Smear microscopy15982.8%
 Chest X-ray10956.8%
 Time between exposure and diagnosis13369.3%
 Infectiousness during exposure11559.9%
 Symptoms during exposure8142.2%
Index cases – air travel (N = 130)
 Smear microscopy11286.2%
 Flight duration12596.2%
 Time between flight and diagnosis10782.3%
 Transmission to close contacts1813.8%
 All RAGIDA criteria1511.5%
Index cases – other exposure (N = 62)
 Smear microscopy4979.0%
 Duration of exposure1930.6%
 Time between exposure and diagnosis2540.3%
 Duration of exposure and either microscopy results or culture results1016.1%
Availability of Information on identified contacts (N = 771)
 Any contact information74296.2%
 Sufficient contact information for CT69590.1%