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Table 2 ALT and HBV-DNA level before and after transsphenoidal surgery with prophylactic NA administration

From: Case reports of latent HBV hepatitis in patients after neurosurgical treatment for hypothalamic and pituitary tumors

No.HBV-DNA level before NA administration (log IU/ml)ALT before NA (IU/l)HBV-DNA level before surgery (log IU/ml)ALT before surgery (IU/l)Duration of steroid administration after surgeryTypes of NADuration of NA administration before surgeryDuration of NA administration after surgery
12.127not available2319 dayslamivudine14 days6 weeks
2> 8.3911not detected1943 daysentecavir22 days2 years
32.624not detected192 daysentecavir224 dayscontinued
4not detected18not detected16continuedentecavir14 dayscontinued
52.357not detected48continuedtenofovir23 dayscontinued
  1. HBV hepatitis B virus, DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, NA nucleot(s)ide analogues, ALT alanine aminotransferase