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Table 5 Generalized linear model of total costs within 365 days follow-up period

From: Burden of Staphylococcus aureus infections after orthopedic surgery in Germany

VariableCoef.exp(b)p-value95% CI
of exp (b)
Age at index0.011.01< 0.0011.00–1.01
Female−0.160.85< 0.0010.82–0.87
Index surgery type
CCI (12 months baseline period)0.091.10< 0.0011.09–1.10
Length of index hospitalization in days0.011.01< 0.0011.00–1.00
Complications due to prosthetic devices/ implants/grafts during index hospitalization0.191.21< 0.0011.14–1.29
S. aureusinfection within 365 days after surgery0.661.93< 0.0011.73–2.13
Recent fractures at the location of index surgery (3 months baseline period)0.782.19< 0.0012.10–2.27
Bacterial infections (not caused by any Staphylococci) during index hospitalization0.671.96< 0.0011.83–2.10
Number of outpatient prescriptions of antibiotics (12 months baseline period)0.031.03< 0.0011.01–1.03
  1. Number of subjects = 74,327
  2. CCI Charlson Comorbidity Index, CI Confidence interval, Coef Coefficient, S aureus, Staphylococcus aureus