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Table 4 All-cause mortality, HCRU and costs after orthopedic surgery in patients with/without S. aureus infection

From: Burden of Staphylococcus aureus infections after orthopedic surgery in Germany

 Patients with SAI in the 365-d follow-upPatients w/o SAI in the 365-d follow-upp-value for differences between patients with/without SAI
Patients who died
 During index hospital stay,%01.27p < 0.001
 Within 30 d, %0.351.40p < 0.001
 Within 90 d, %4.902.79p < 0.001
 Within 180 d, %11.613.91p < 0.001
 Within 365 d, %22.385.31p < 0.001
365-d follow-up HCRU per patient-year
 No. of outpatient GP visits, Mean (SD)3.173.20p = 0.566
 No. of outpatient specialist visits, Mean (SD)3.653.46p < 0.001
 No. of all-cause hospitalizations, Mean (SD) a3.060.70p < 0.001
 No. of hospital days, Mean (SD) a53.486.92p < 0.001
 No. of outpatient prescriptions of antibiotics, Mean (SD)2.170.63p < 0.001
365-d follow-up costs (€) per patient-year
 Outpatient physician visits1149€1011€p < 0.001
 Outpatient all-agent medication2605€1327€p < 0.001
 Hospitalizations (incl. Inpatient drug treatment) b39,080€11,444€p < 0.001
 Total costs42,834€13,781€p < 0.001
  1. Outcomes measured within 365 days after index surgical procedure, censoring at time of death
  2. S aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, SAI Staphylococcus aureus infection, SD Standard deviation
  3. aExcluding index hospitalization; bIncluding index hospitalization