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Table 2 Characteristics, treatment and outcomes of VRE bloodstream infections

From: Epidemiology, treatment and outcomes of bloodstream infection due to vancomycin-resistant enterococci in cancer patients in a vanB endemic setting

E. faecium96 (100%)
vanB95 (99%)
Patients with multiple episodes of VRE BSI10 (10%)
Polymicrobial BSI23 (24%)
 Gram negative bacilli9 (9%)
 Candida sp.4 (4%)
 Coagulase negative staphylococci10 (10%)
VRE screened prior to BSI72 (75%)
 Positive49/72 (68%)
Treated with VRE active agenta88/95 (93%)
 Teicoplanin therapy alone59/95 (62%)
 Linezolid therapy alone6/95 (6%)
 Daptomycin therapy alone2/95 (2%)
 Sequential therapy21/95 (22%)
ICU admission within 48 h of BSI15 (16%)
Death at 7 days8 (8%)
Death at 30 days30 (31%)
Length of stay post BSI, median (days)18 (range 1–78)
Length of stay total, median (days)38.5 (range 2–138)
  1. VRE Vancomycin resistant Enterococci, BSI Blood stream infection, ICU Intensive care unit
  2. aData not available for 1 patient