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Table 1 Characteristics of patients with VRE bloodstream infection

From: Epidemiology, treatment and outcomes of bloodstream infection due to vancomycin-resistant enterococci in cancer patients in a vanB endemic setting

Male50 (52%)
Age, median (years)56 (range 20–78)
CDS-VRE score, median1.88 (range 0–4.97)
Hematological malignancy83 (86%)
 AML40 (42%)
 Allogeneic stem cell transplant26 (27%)
On antibiotics prior to BSI91/93 (98%)
Total antibiotic days prior to BSI, median17 (range 0–65)
Hospital admissions prior to BSI, median§1 (range 0–10)
Transfer from another hospital20 (21%)
Days in hospital prior to BSI, median16 (range 0–129)
ICU admission in 30 days prior to BSI31 (32%)
In ICU at onset of BSI19 (20%)
Neutropenic days prior to BSI, median11 (range 0–30)
Neutropenic at time of BSI76 (79%)
SIRS at time of BSI86/94 (91%)
Hypoalbuminemia days prior to BSI, median17.5 (range 0–30)
Central venous access device77/95 (81%)
 Tunnelled35/95 (37%)
Indwelling urinary catheter33/94 (35%)
Mucositis grade, median0 (range 0–4)
  1. VRE Vancomycin resistant enterococci, CDS-VRE score Chronic Disease Score specific to VRE, AML Acute myeloid leukaemia, BSI blood stream infection, ICU Intensive care unit, SIRS Systemic inflammatory response syndrome
  2. Data not available for 2 cases
  3. Data not available for 3 cases
  4. Data not available for 1 case
  5. §12 months prior to VRE BSI