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Table 3 Selected clinical characteristics and laboratory finding in SCD with and without malaria

From: Malaria in patients with sickle cell anaemia: burden, risk factors and outcome at the Laquintinie hospital, Cameroon

 Malaria cases in SCD populationNon malaria cases in SCD populationORCIP
Coca-Cola urine9 (3%)19 (2%)0.90.4–20.834
Icteric sclerae46 (14%)75 (9%)0.70.4–0.90.033
Hepatomegaly74 (22%)128 (16%)0.70.5–0.90.022
Splenomegaly86 (25%)136 (17%)0.60.4–0.8< 0.001
Death11 (3%)12 (1%)2.21–50.050
Mean hemoglobin (g/dL)5.716.27−4.5< 0.001
Mean WBC count (× 109 cells/L)20.2922.27−20.053
Mean Platelet (cells/mm3)274,014.25323,551.3−3.7< 0.001
  1. SCD Sickle Cell Disease, CI Confidence Interval, S Significant, OR Odds ratio, WBC white blood cell, L litre, g/dL grams per decilitre