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Table 3 Variables associated with all-cause, in-hospital mortalitya

From: Elevated troponin level as a predictor of inpatient mortality in patients with infective endocarditis in the Southeast United States

CharacteristicUnadjusted OR 95%CIP-valueAdjusted OR 95%CIP-value
Elevated troponin6.1 (2.9–12.9)< 0.0017.3 (3.3–15.9)< 0.001
Severe Sepsis/Shock9.8 (4.3–22.3)< 0.001Not Tested
Acute renal failure7.2 (3.3–16.3)< 0.001Not Tested
Septic emboli3.0 (1.3–6.6)0.005Not Tested
Left-sided IE2.6 (1.3–5.4)0.006Not Tested
Atrial Fibrillation2.2 (0.89–5.7)0.092.7 (0.97–7.8)0.06
Age greater than 40 years1.9 (0.95–4.1)0.072.0 (0.9–4.6)0.09
MRSA IE1.8 (0.9–3.7)0.122.6 (1.2–5.8)0.02
Heart failure0.97 (0.42–2.3)0.95Not Tested
Valve surgery0.85 (0.81–0.9)0.01Not Tested
  1. aHosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-fit test: Chi-square, 1.6; P-value, 0.90