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Table 1 Summary of the clinical features of the 13 patients with brucellosis

From: High index of suspicion for brucellosis in a highly cosmopolitan city in southern China

CaseSex/AgeOccupationHome townRisk factor(s)PresentationClinical findingsComplicationClinical specimen with positive cultureTiter of Brucella AntibodyTreatment
1F/29yClerkHenanContacted goatLeft hip pain for one monthOsteoarticular involvementArthritisJoint fluidNilDoxycycline× 3 months+Rifampin× 3 months+Gentamicin× 14 days
2M/64yRetired farmerHeilongjiangContacted goatFever, night sweat and urinary urgency for one monthFever, splenomegalyNilBlood1:100Doxycycline×6 weeks+Gentamicin× 7 days
3M/29yBusinessmanGuangdongConsumed goat placentaFever for 20 days and testicular pain for one weekFeverEpididymo-orchitisBloodNilDoxycycline×3 months+gentamiicin× 14 days+Rifampin× 3 months+Ceftriaxone× 14 days
4M/59yUnemployedHeilongjiangNilFever, abdominal pain and urinary symptoms for one weekFever, lymphadenopathy, splenomegalyIntra-abdominal abscessBlood1:200Doxycycline×2 days+Gentamicin×2 days
5M/64yRetired workerGuangdongHandled and consumed goat meatFever with chills and urinary symptoms for one monthFever, lymphadenopathySpondylitisBlood1:400Doxycycline×3 months+Rifampin× 3 months+Gentamicin×7 days
6M/30yOffice workerInner MongoliaNilRecurrent fever for 50 daysFever, splenomegalyNilBloodNegativeDoxycycline×6 weeks+Gentamicin×7 days
7F/51yRetired farmerGuangdongConsumed goat placentaFever, severe lower back pain for half a yearFever, splenomegalyNilBlood1:400Doxycycline×6 weeks+Gentamicin×7 days
8F/31yCosmetologistFujianConsumed undercooked beefFever with low back pain for one monthFever, splenomegalySpondylitisBlood1:100Doxycycline×4 months+Rifampin×4 months+Gentamicin×14 days
9F/44yPork peddlerGuangdongHandled and consumed goat placentaRecurrent lower grade fever for three monthsFever, lymphadenopathy, splenomegalyLiver and splenic abscessBlood1:100Doxycycline×3 months+Rifampin×3 months+Gentamicin×14 days
10M/63yFarmerShanxiRaised goatFever and back pain for 10 daysFever, lymphadenopathy, splenomegalySpondylitisBlood1:200Doxycycline×3 months+Rifampin× 3 months+Gentamicin×14 days+Ceftriaxone× 9 days
11F/33yBank clerkShanxiConsumed undercooked beefRecurrent fever for 17 daysFeverNilNil1:100Doxycycline×6 weeks+Rifampin×6 weeks
12F/73yHousewifeGuangdongHandled and consumed goat placentaAbdominal pain, low grade fever, dysuria, constipation, low back pain and weight loss one monthFever, lymphadenopathy, splenomegalyPossible abdominal aortitisBlood1:100Doxycycline for long-term+Gentamiicin×14 days+Rifampin×6 weeks+Ceftriaxone× 6 weeks
13.M/56ySalesmanHenanConsumed undercooked beefRecurrent fever with low back pain and chest wall painFever, lymphadenopathy, splenomegalySpondylitis, chest wall abscess, osteomyelitisBlood1:200Doxycycline×3 months+Rifampin× 3 months+Gentamicin× 14 days