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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Xpert MTB/RIF assay for diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyFirst authorYearCountrySettingAgeStudy designHIV%Culture reference
Composite reference standard (CRS)Total samples
Specimen type
1Bholla, M.2016TanzaniaPrimary care Center8 week – 16 yearsProspective20MGITCytology and/or Culture75Lymph node
2Coetzee, L.2014South AfricaTertiary care center<  13 yearsProspective8.3MGITCytology and/or Culture72Lymph node
3Das, A.2019IndiaTertiary care center4 month – 14 yearsProspective1.75MGIT/LJCulture57Lymph node (n = 6),
CSF (n = 51),
4Held, M.2016South AfricaTertiary care center<  13 yearsProspective10MGITCulture or histology109Bone and joint tissue
5Kim, YW.2015South KoreaTertiary care center0–18 yearsRetrospective0.8MGITCulture92Lymph node (n = 30)
CSF (n = 14)
Joint fluid (n = 28)
Pleural fluid (n = 20)
6Solomons, R.S.2015South AfricaTertiary care center3 month – 13 yearsProspective11MGITClinical TBM reference standard101CSF
7Tortoli, E.2012ItaliaTertiary care center0–18 yearsRetrospective10MGIT/LJHistopathology /Improvement on ATT132Lymph node (n = 89),
CSF (n = 43),
8Vadwai2011South AfricaTertiary care center<  13 yearsProspective3MGITHistopathology /Improvement on ATT14Lymph node (n = 5),
CSF(n = 9)
  1. ATT anti-tubercular treatment; CSF cerebrospinal fluid; LJ Löwenstein-Jensen culture; MGIT mycobacterial growth indicator tube; TBM tuberculous meningitis