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Table 3 HPs’ adherence to antibiotic treatment and discharge management regarding EBG criteria

From: Gaps between current clinical practice and evidence-based guidelines for treatment and care of older patients with Community Acquired Pneumonia: a descriptive cross-sectional study

Antibiotic treatment and discharge managementPatients nAdherence
Antibiotic (AB) treatment
 Time (minutes) to AB prescription, median (IQR)30165.5 (127.3–255.0)
 Time (minutes) to AB administration, median (IQR)30235.5 (187.0–401.0)
 AB treatment prescribed in accordance with EBG criteria, n (%)304 (13.3)
 Adjustment of AB treatment ≤48 h of admission, n (%)2822 (78.6)a
 Switch from intravenous to oral AB treatment in accordance with EBG criteria, n (%)2015 (75.0)b
Discharge management
 Prescription of 6 weeks polyclinical control, n (%)2721 (77.8)c
 Prescription of chest radiography (≤6 weeks post-discharge), n (%)276 (22.2)c
  1. aAdjusted for patients who were discharged ≤24 h of admission
  2. bAdjusted for patients who responded to treatment ≤48 h (n = 20)
  3. cAdjusted for in-hospital mortality (n = 27 surviving patients)