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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of participants (n = 861)

From: Prevalence and associated risk factors of human intestinal parasitic infections: a population-based study in the southeast of Kerman province, southeastern Iran

CharacteristicsNumberPercent (un-weighted)Percent (weighted)
Age group
 ≤ 923427.225.9
 10 to 1915117.516.7
 20 to 2913415.615.5
 30 to 3915618.118.4
 40 to 499811.411.5
Education level
 Children under 6-yr13515.713.6
 Elementary school24228.128.9
 High school25629.730.1
Source of drinking water
 Tap water55864.864.4
 Spring or well water30335.235.6
Animal close contact
Residency status