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Table 3 Characterization of PTB cases in terms of clinical presentation chest X-ray features

From: Diagnosis of tuberculosis from smear-negative presumptive TB cases using Xpert MTB/Rif assay: a cross-sectional study from Nepal

Features on chest X-rayResult of Xpert MTB/Rif assayTotal(n)
Not detected (%)Detected (%)
Upper lobe infiltrate70a(63.6)40b(36.4)110
Pleural effusion34a(59.6)23b(40.4)57
Hilar /mediastinal lymphadenopathy21a(80.8)5a(19.2)26
Cavitary lesion27a(84.4)5a(15.6)32
Diffuse infilteration29a(87.9)4a(12.1)33
Segmental/lobar consolidation30a(96.8)1b(3.2)31
Total Count275(76.4)85(23.6)360
  1. *Each subscript letter denotes a subset of result of Xpert MTB /RIF test categories whose column proportions do not differ significantly from each other at the .05 level