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Table 2 Association between outbreak characteristics and norovirus detection, care home gastroenteritis outbreaks of a confirmed viral cause (n = 257), North East England, 2016–2018

From: What proportion of care home outbreaks are caused by norovirus? An analysis of viral causes of gastroenteritis outbreaks in care homes, North East England, 2016–2018

VariableOther viruses (n = 76)Norovirus (n = 181)ORp valueaOR95% Confidence Intervalp value
Resident attack rate33.0419.2738.3017.741.020.0381.
Number of residents44.7519.5845.7316.411.000.6791.020.991.040.077
Outbreak duration20.8410.4118.8710.600.980.1740.980.951.010.130
Number of cases sampled3.662.333.171.830.890.0800.740.600.910.005
Number of virus-positive samples2.461.712.531.551.030.7491.250.971.620.091
Outbreak in winter? (number and percentage4863.2012971.301.450.201....
Ratio of staff to residents1.210.381.210.401.020.9651.170.532.570.701