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Table 3 Entomological findings in the southern hamlet of the affected village

From: Intensely clustered outbreak of visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) in a setting of seasonal migration in a village of Bihar, India

Characteristicsn / total%
P. argentipes density using mouth aspirator
 Households found positive for sandfly28/ 3482.4
 Female percentage14/ 3737.8
P. argentipes density using CDC light trap
 Households found positive for sandfly8/ 8100
 Female percentage10/ 2540.0
Cone bio-assay
Mud surface (n = 7 surfaces)
 Knockdown82/ 13660.3
 Mortality (24 h)107/ 13678.7
Brick surface (n = 3 surfaces)
 Knockdown30/ 6050.0
 Mortality (24 h)37/ 6061.7
  1. Bioassay control: 0% mortality