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Table 3 Multivariate analysis of the predictors of T. gondii seroprevalence among pregnant women in Dhamar, Yemen (n = 420)

From: Prevalence and predictors of Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant women from Dhamar, Yemen

VariablesAdjusted OR95% CIP-value
Age (≥ 25 years)1.190.64, 2.190.588
No. of children (>  3)0.980.52, 1.840.948
History of spontaneous abortion (yes)4.042.46, 6.63< 0.001*
History of blood transfusion (yes)0.310.07, 1.420.130
Education level (no formal education)1.070.62, 1.840.813
Handling fresh meat (yes)4.070.50, 35.430.241
Raw vegetables consumption (yes)7.120.93, 38,830.059
Raw milk consumption (yes)1.510.89, 2.550.129
Presence of cats in house (yes)1.771.02, 3.070.043*
Presence of domestic animals at household (yes)1.320.69, 2.520.409
  1. OR Odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. * Significant predictor (P < 0.05)