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Table 3 Multivariable logistic model for correlates of HIV testing among sexually active women aged 15–49 and men aged 15–59 in Senegal (DHS 2017)

From: HIV screening in men and women in Senegal: coverage and associated factors; analysis of the 2017 demographic and health survey

Age in 5-year groups
 15–191.0 1.0 
 North1.0 1.0 
Educational level
 No education1.0 1.0 
Wealth index
 Poorest1.0 1.0 
Marital status
 Never been in union1.0 1.0 
Knowledge about mother-to-child transmission
 No1.0 1.0 
Taking drugs to avoid HIV transmission to baby during pregnancy
Had any STI in last 12 months
 No1.0 1.0 
Total lifetime number of sex Partners
 11.0 1.0 
 Don’t know1.00.1–18.02.0*1.1–3.5
People hesitate to take HIV test because of the reaction of other people
 No1.0 1.0 
Owns a mobile telephone
 No1.0 1.0 
Number of ANC visits
  1. AOR Adjusted odds ratio *** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, * p < 0.05