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Table 4 Tuberculosis treatment outcomes among PLHIV screened using smear or Xpert MRB/RIF in Botswana

From: Tuberculosis treatment outcomes among people living with HIV diagnosed using Xpert MTB/RIF versus sputum-smear microscopy in Botswana: a stepped-wedge cluster randomised trial

Treatment outcomesTB patients screened by smearTB patients screened Xpert MTB/RIFAdjusted Hazard ratioa95% CIa
 n = 57n = 199 
Unfavorable outcomeb10 (21.7%)21 (13.4%)1.400.75–2.26
Favorable outcomec36 (78.3%)136 (86.6%)  
Transferred out or not evaluated1142  
  1. aadjusted for inter-facility difference, P value = 0.268
  2. bdeath, lost-tofollow-up, treatment failure
  3. ccure, completed treatment