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Table 3 Bivariable and Multivariable logistic regression analysis of factors for household contact screening adherence, health facilities in Gondar Town, North West Ethiopia, March 2019 (n = 404)

From: House-hold contact tuberculosis screening adherence and associated factors among tuberculosis patients attending at health facilities in Gondar town, northwest, Ethiopia

VariableHHCS adherenceCOR (95% CI)AOR (95% CI)
Educational status
 No formal education466411
 Primary education54681.11 (0.66,1.86)1.03(0.54,1.93)
 Secondary education37461.12 (0.63,1.99)1.09(0.54,2.20)
 Certificate and above55342.25(1.27,3.99)2.82(1.40,5.67)**
Marital status
 Married103970.79(0.52, 1.21)0.88(0.6,2.01)
 Widowed770.84(0.28,2.51)1.47(0.36, 3.22)
Family monthly income (Ethiopian Birr)
  < =3008192.33(0.99, 5.49)2.60(0.89, 6.54)
 301–60016221.35(0.68, 2.67)2.92(0.78, 3.70)
 601–100028280.98(0.55, 1.74)0.83(0.66, 2.03)
  > =100114014311
Type of health facility
 Governmental hospital636711
 Governmental health center1181321.05(0.69,1.61)1.45(0.77,1.82)
 Private hospital561.13(0.33, 3.88)1.92(0.46,4.14)
 Private clinic671.10(0.35, 3.44)1.32(0.60, 3.99)
Mode of transportation
 On foot971291.65(0.98,2.45)1.74(0.85,3.33)
 Public transport99311
Knowledge on TB
Patient satisfaction by health care service
Health education about TB by HCW
Type of Tuberculosis
 Drug-sensitive PTB9310711
 Drug-sensitive EPTB65870.86(0.56,1.31)1.09(0.65,1.83)
 MDR TB34182.17(1.15,4.10)1.54(0.72,3.31)
Phase of TB treatment
 Intensive phase69951.45(0.97, 2.16)1.67(0.70(2.63)
 Continuation phase12311711
HIV/AIDS co infection
  1. Key: HHCS-household contact screening, ** = significant with p < 0.005