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Table 2 Personal, Health care system-related characteristics of respondents, health facilities in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia, March 2019(n = 404)

From: House-hold contact tuberculosis screening adherence and associated factors among tuberculosis patients attending at health facilities in Gondar town, northwest, Ethiopia

VariablesFrequency(n)Percent (%)
Knowledge of TB
Patient satisfaction by service delivered at health facilities
Type of health facility
 Governmental hospital13032.2
 Governmental health center25061.9
 Private hospital112.7
 Private clinic133.2
Mode of transportation
 On foot22255.0
 Public transport18245.0
Health education about TB
Waiting time at TB clinic
  < 60 min33282.2
  > =60 min7217.8
Type of TB
 Drug sensitive PTB20049.5
 Drug sensitive EPTB15237.6
 MDR TB5212.9
Phase of TB treatment
 Intensive phase16440.6
 Continuation phase24059.4
HIV co -infection