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Table 2 Awareness and preferences for PrEP formulation in Chinese MSM, 2017 (N = 979)

From: Prepared for PrEP: preferences for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among Chinese men who have sex with men in an online national survey

Ever heard about PrEP
 No80281.979.5, 84.3
 Yes17718.115.7, 20.5
Interested in using oral PrEP
 No or not sure22823.320.7, 26.0
 Yes75176.774.0, 79.3
Interested in using injectable PrEP a
 No or not sure14014.312.3, 16.7
 Yes83685.783.3, 87.7
Preference of PrEP formulations b
 Oral PrEP23724.621.9, 27.4
 Injectable PrEP35036.333.3, 39.4
 Rectal Microbicide37839.236.1, 42.3
  1. a3 missing values
  2. bParticipants were categorized by their first ranked PrEP formulation preference
  3. cConfidence interval