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Table 2 Correlation between inflammatory marker with Infection intensity or IgM response to CAP or SWAP

From: Elevation of C-reactive protein, P-selectin and Resistin as potential inflammatory biomarkers of urogenital Schistosomiasis exposure in preschool children

Inflammatory markerInfection Intensity
r (p value)
IgM response to CAP
r (p value)
IgM response to SWAP
r (p value)
CRP0.009 (0.437)0.133 (0.029)−0.054 (0.179)
Resistin−0.073 (0.111)0.127 (0.016)0.197 (0.0004)
P-Selectin0.172 (0.002)0.183 (0.001)0.333 (< 0.0001)
  1. r is the spearman’s correlation coefficient. Significant results for p < 0.05 are in bold