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Table 1 Model parameter values and estimates. Estimated parameters are indicated in bold

From: Comparing alternative cholera vaccination strategies in Maela refugee camp: using a transmission model in public health practice

ParameterDescriptionValue (units)Source/Rationale
kaProportion of observed infectious adults in Maela1.4×10−2 (unitless)Estimated
kcProportion of observed infectious children in Maela1.9×10−2 (unitless)Estimated
γRecovery rate for infectious humans\(\frac {1}{4}\) (days−1)[53, 54]
σRatio of bacterial shedding rates into the environment by children vs. adults1 (unitless)Fixed (see “Methods” section)
ξDecay rate of bacteria in the environment1.6×10−2 (days−1)Estimated
Transmission Parameters
βI (βaa,βca,βac,βcc)Transmission from infected humans to susceptible humans7.4×10−6 (\(\frac {1}{people \times time}\))Estimated
βW (βwc,βwa)Transmission from water to susceptible humans6.3×10−7 (\(\frac {1}{people \times time}\))Estimated
Demographic Parameters
μaDeath rate for adults1.7×10−4 (days−1)Maela demographic data
μcDeath rate for children1.5×10−4 (days−1)Maela demographic data
MaMigration rate for susceptible or recovered adults1.4 (\(\frac {people}{day}\))Maela demographic data
McMigration rate for susceptible or recovered children1.1 (\(\frac {people}{day}\))Maela demographic data
BBirth rate2.8 (\(\frac {people}{day}\))Maela demographic data
Vaccine Effectiveness
V E1Vaccine effectiveness for one dose of Shanchol0.325 (unitless)[21]
V E2Vaccine effectiveness for two doses of Shanchol0.63 (unitless)[19]