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Table 1 Reported cases of intratracheal myiasis

From: Intratracheal myiasis followed by tracheal-esophageal fistula: report of a rare case and literature review

Authors and yearPatient sex/ageCountryConcomitant diseasesInvolved areasConfirmative evidenceClinical manifestations
Cornet et al. 2002Female/60 yearsUSNoIntratrachealCough outCough, haemoptysis
Cecchini et al. 2012Male/47 yearsFranceDiabetes, septic shockLeft main bronchusBronchoscopyNo
Arindom et al. 2015Male/13 yearsOmanNoRight upper bronchusBronchoscopyCough, dyspnoea
Ahadizadeh et al. 2015Male/53 yearsUSCardiac arrestIntratrachealInside tracheal catheterNo
Ince et al. 2015Female/8 monthsTurkeyN/AIntratrachealN/AN/A
  1. N/A not accessible