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Table 3 Risk factors associated with low- and high-risk HPV in a Mexican MSM HIV+ population

From: High prevalent human papillomavirus infections of the oral cavity of asymptomatic HIV-positive men

  1. Note: Odds Ratios were adjusted (adOR) for all the variables included in this study [age of participants, education, employment, time since HIV diagnosis, time with anti-retroviral therapy treatment (time with ART), regimen of ART initiation (regimen of anti-retroviral initiation), CD4 (cells/mm3) levels, and viral suppression (defined as HIV-RNA < 200 copies/ml)]. Only those risk factors that had statistical significance (p < 0.05) for each logistic regression model are presented in the table (even confidence intervals were ample in some instances, they were included if significant). 95% Confidence Intervals (95% CI)