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Table 2 Death category of individuals living with HIV

From: Determinants of AIDS and non-AIDS related mortality among people living with HIV in Shiraz, southern Iran: a 20-year retrospective follow-up study

 Non-AIDS-Related Death (NARD)AIDS-Related Death (ARD)
CancercOther diseasesbCVDHepatic/liver-relatedExternal deathaOther diseasesbCancercOpportunistic
Number of deaths6 (4%)10 (8%)12 (9%)34 (24%)78 (55%)2 (1%)8 (3%)241 (96%)
  1. aExternal death: Sudden death, including accident, overdose, and suicide
  2. bOther diseases: Unknown death categorized based on CD4 count within 6 months prior to the date of death. The CD4 cell count of lower than 200 cells/mm2 was categorized as ARM and otherwise as NARM
  3. cCancer: Based on the CoDe protocol, AIDS-related cancers like cervical cancer were considered as ARM and other causes unrelated to HIV like lung cancer were categorized as NARD