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Table 6 The comparison of glucocorticosteroids treatment at different time periods, between 19 critical cases and 31non- critical cases

From: Severe acute respiratory infection risk following glucocorticosteroid treatment in uncomplicated influenza-like illness resulting from pH1N1 influenza infection: a case control study

GlucocorticosteroidsbNumber exposedPercent exposedMatched odds ratioa (95%CI)
Critical case (N = 19)Non-critical cases (N = 31)Critical caseNon-critical case
before sARI onset11657.919.45.7(1.6–20.2)
before sARI onset and during sARI and critical7236.86.58.3(1.6–44.4)
Only during sARI and critical4621.119.41.1(0.3–4.6)
  1. aOdds Ratio is matched by underlying disease, bdexamethasone or methyl prednisolone