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Table 2 Medical cares for influenza-like illness (ILI) of 48 severe acute respiratory infection (sARI) cases and 79 ILI controls infected with pH1N1 influenza

From: Severe acute respiratory infection risk following glucocorticosteroid treatment in uncomplicated influenza-like illness resulting from pH1N1 influenza infection: a case control study

VariablesNumber exposedPercent exposedAdjusted p-valueb
Case (Na = 48)Control (N = 79)CaseControl
Level of clinic of first visit:    0.67
 Primary care151831.322.8 
 Secondary care outpatient346.35.1 
 Tertiary care outpatient244050.050.6 
 Above Tertiary care outpatient3106.312.7 
Saw a doctor before sARI*4871100.089.90.06
Clinic visits before sARI*    0.50
  1. Na = 48: Exclude 2 hospital acquired patients. Adjusted p-valueb: adjusted for age group and underlying disease using conditional logistic regression. * We applied the time interval from ILI onset to sARI onset of the case to the matched controls to impute sARI onset for control patients