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Table 4 Demographic characteristics and sex hormone levels compared between patients with MAC-LD and non-NTM BE

From: Low serum estradiol levels are related to Mycobacterium avium complex lung disease: a cross-sectional study

 MAC-LD (n = 20)Non-NTM BE (n = 11)p-value
Age, years, median (IQR)74 (64.25–77.75)76 (65–78)0.699
BMI, median (IQR)18.98 (17.65–20.97)19.27 (17.29–21.62)0.984
E2, pg/mL, median (IQR)1.79 (1.20–2.47)11.0 (2.77–13.0)< 0.001
DHEA-S, μg/mL, median (IQR)51.5 (39–97)85 (53–99)0.145
Testosterone, ng/mL, median (IQR)0.185 (0.152–0.255)0.220 (0.180–0.260)0.359
  1. Abbreviations: MAC-LD Mycobacterium avium complex lung disease, non-NTM BE bronchiectasis without non-tuberculous mycobacteria infection, BMI body mass index, IQR interquartile range
  2. *Chronic diseases that required medication
  3. Mann-Whitney U test for continuous variables and Fisher’s exact test for categorical variables