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Table 2 Bacterial MP loads and duration of MP infection

From: High Mycoplasma pneumoniae loads and persistent long-term Mycoplasma pneumoniae DNA in lower airway associated with severity of pediatric Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia

 Group LT (n = 50)Group NLT (n = 44)
Positive MP loads in throat swab (n/disease course/ copies/ml)15/(22–45)days/103–53/(18–22)days/102–3
Negative MP loads in throat swab (n/disease course)5/(26–31)days7/(19–22)days
Highest MP loads in BALF
 High load (n/%/copies/ml)44/(88%)/ 107–82/(4.54%)/107–8
 Middle load (n/%/copies/ml)4/(8%)/1065/(11.36%)/106
 Low load (n/%/copies/ml)2/(4%)/10537/(84.09%)/102–5
Highest MP loads in BALF (copies/mL)107.46 ± 0.93104.86 ± 0.93
Duration of MP infection in BALF
 Within 31–40 days (n/copies/ml)17 /(102–7)
 Within 41–50 days (n/copies/ml)19/(102–7)
 Within 51–60 days (n/copies/ml)9/(102–7)
 Within 61–90 days (n/copies/ml)4/(102–4)
  Cases 1 and 2NP
  Cases 3 and 4AO
 120 days (n/copies/ml)1/(103)
  Case 5NP
Duration of negative MP in BALF (n/disease course)17/(15–30)days
  1. Short names: MP Mycoplasma pneumoniae, BALF bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, AO airway obliterans, NP necrotizing pneumonia