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Table 4 RDS-adjusted point estimates and confidence intervals of health outcomes and service utilization among people who inject drugs in Mozambique, 2013–2014

From: High prevalence of HIV, HBsAg and anti-HCV positivity among people who injected drugs: results of the first bio-behavioral survey using respondent-driven sampling in two urban areas in Mozambique

 Maputo (n = 353)Nampula/Nacala (n = 139)
naCrudeAdj b %95% CInaCrudeAdj b %95% CI
Has access to new, unused syringes or needles31589.289.685.4–93.611079.778.969.6–87.2
 Missing0 1 
Had contact with a peer educator, last 12 months4011.49.55.3–13.36244.640.831.5–52.0
 Missing1 0 
Received free condoms, last 12 months10028.626.821.0–33.78863.360.049.2–71.3
 Missing3 0 
Ever received treatment for overdose, drug substitution therapy or detoxification, lifetime164.52.51.2–4.13726.623.716.4–31.9
Ever in a rehabilitation or a self-help group, lifetimec123.42.50.9–4.82618.714.37.8–22.1
Ever incarcerated, lifetime26474.872.266.4–78.06446.042.629.9–52.9
Previous HIV test, lifetime25472.068.461.1–75.48057.659.046.4–68.6
Previous HIV test, last 12 months8022.924.618.9–30.03525.221.912.7–31.4
Ever heard of Hepatitis B or C13839.134.728.3–41.47352.552.140.8–617
Has HIV17956.150.140.1–59.02519.819.910.9–29.2
 Did not consent34   13   
Screen positive for Hepatitis B surface antigen10730.532.125.2–38.55741.036.422.6–49.8
 Did not consent2   0   
Hepatitis C antibodies14847.644.633.4–53.91511.17.02.0–12.5
 Did not consent42   4   
Has HIV & HBV surface antigen4915.414.99.1–19.5107.98.32.4–14.9
 Did not consent35   13   
Has HIV & HCV antibodies11638.736.126.4–45.886.54.10.6–8.4
 Did not consent53   15   
Ever tested positive for HIV prior to the survey12334.929.022.1–44.3107.25.81.7–11.2
 Missing1   1   
Had a self-reported sore or ulcer in the genital region, last 12 months308.58.04.7–11.73525.228.619.1–37.9
  1. a Sample includes seeds; no missing responses unless specified
  2. b Adjusted estimates and 95% confidence intervals (CI) produced with RDSAT 7.1
  3. c Includes self-help groups, outpatient counseling, drug substitution therapy, detoxification program or rehabilitation