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Table 3 RDS-adjusted point estimates and confidence intervals of sexual risk behaviors among people who inject drugs, Mozambique 2013–2014

From: High prevalence of HIV, HBsAg and anti-HCV positivity among people who injected drugs: results of the first bio-behavioral survey using respondent-driven sampling in two urban areas in Mozambique

 Maputo (n = 353)Nampula/Nacala (n = 139)
naCrudeAdj b %95% CInaCrudeAdj b %95% CI
Number of sexual partners, last 12 monthsc
  ≥ 216347.747.739.1–55.411683.580.869.3–91.1
Ever had sex in exchange for drugs, lifetime
 Yes (vs No)4713.711.47.3–15.92014.410.34.8–16.2
 Missingd11 0 
Gave money, goods or services in exchange for sex, last 12 months
 Yes (vs No)11433.330.324.5–37.28964.065.755.2–76.2
 Missingd11 0 
Received money, goods or services in exchange for sex, last 12 months
 Yes (vs No)6017.517.512.2–22.64230.227.317.5–38.1
 Missingd11 0 
Had unprotected intercourse at last sex, last 12 monthsd,e
 Yes (vs No)13152.052.444.8–61.64231.129.119.3–40.3
 Missingd1 0 
Last sexual partner injects drugs, last 12 monthsd,e
 Yes (vs No)3112.510.05.7–15.986.04.61.5–8.8
 Missingd5 1 
Shared a needle or syringe with last sex partner, last 12 monthsd,e
 Yes (vs No)––5.1
 Missingd5   1   
  1. a Sample includes seeds; no missing responses unless specified
  2. b Adjusted estimates and 95% confidence intervals (CI) produced with RDSAT 7.1
  3. c Includes male and female partners of men that inject drugs and male partners of women that inject drugs
  4. d Missing responses include those that had sexual partners and could not remember or refused to answer to the question
  5. e Sub-analysis of persons who had sex in past 12 months in Maputo (n = 253) and Nampula/Nacala (n = 135)