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Table 2 RDS-adjusted point estimates and confidence intervals of behavioral characteristics related to drug consumption among people who inject drugs in Mozambique, 2013–2014

From: High prevalence of HIV, HBsAg and anti-HCV positivity among people who injected drugs: results of the first bio-behavioral survey using respondent-driven sampling in two urban areas in Mozambique

 Maputo (n = 353)Nampula/Nacala (n = 139)
naCrudeAdjb %95% CInaCrudeAdjb %95% CI
Age (in years) of first injection drug use, median [IQR] 24 [9, 46]   20 [14, 47]  
  < 183710.97.04.5–10.71913.79.64.6–15.0
  ≥ 2515144.444.236.9–50.83726.630.319.8–40.7
 Missing13 0 
Years since injection initiation, median [IQR] 7 [0, 35]   5 [0, 29]  
  ≥ 1112035.328.922.7–36.03525.222.912.2–33.0
 Missing13 0 
Drug most commonly injected
 Other (including crack and cocktail mixes)00.00.0 1510.912.76.1–22.5
 Missing1 1 
Frequency of injection drug use, last 12 months
 Did not inject, last 12 months185.18.63.9–13.975.03.80.3–8.1
 A few times per year174.85.02.2–9.0128.610.94.1–19.3
 A few times per month3911.010.86.9–15.03122.333.522.4–46.7
 A few times per week3911.013.69.0–19.15438.832.423.2–40.6
Ever shared a syringe or needle, lifetime
 Yes (vs No)18953.550.343.0–57.66949.642.431.0–55.0
Injected drugs, last month
 Yes (vs No)26775.967.558.6–76.712489.292.887.9–98.0
 Missing1 0 
Number of people with whom shared needles or syringes, last month
  ≥ 35515.614.19.6–19.31712.211.05.5–17.4
 Shared, but doesn’t remember with how many246.85.12.4–8.40   
  1. a Sample includes seeds; no missing responses unless specified
  2. b Adjusted estimates and 95% confidence intervals (CI) produced with RDSAT 7.1