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Table 1 RDS-adjusted point estimates and confidence intervals of socio-demographic characteristics of people who inject drugs in Mozambique, 2013–2014

From: High prevalence of HIV, HBsAg and anti-HCV positivity among people who injected drugs: results of the first bio-behavioral survey using respondent-driven sampling in two urban areas in Mozambique

 Maputo (n = 353)Nampula/Nacala (n = 139)
naCrudeAdj b %95% CInaCrudeAdj b %95% CI
 Male (vs Female)33294.192.987.8–97.113597.197.092.6–100
Age (Years), median [IQR]c 33 [19, 56]   28 [18, 60]  
  ≥ 3513738.833.127.6–40.63424.522.912.0–34.4
Marital status
 Single (never married)22664.065.458.7–72.16345.349.738.4–61.8
 Married or in a conjugal union5515.616.710.9–23.14834.532.121.7–43.5
 Separated, widowed or divorced7220.417.813.1–23.02820.118.39.6–27.6
 Primary and below18151. 457.049.5–64.02920.928.416.5–40.6
Primary language spoken at home
 Portuguese (vs Other)27076.571.464.4–78.310575.567.655.1–79.7
 Mozambican (vs Other)35199.499.899.4–10013295.096.793.2–99.3
  1. a Sample includes seeds; no missing responses unless specified
  2. b Estimates and 95% confidence intervals (CI) adjusted for RDS survey design using RDS-I (DS) estimator produced with RDSAT 7.1
  3. c IQR Interquartile range