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Table 2 Demographic and clinical variables of the study groups and biochemical parameters in KDM individuals who are on metformin and non-metformin treatment

From: Systemic RAGE ligands are upregulated in tuberculosis individuals with diabetes co-morbidity and modulated by anti-tuberculosis treatment and metformin therapy

Study DemographicsTB-DM
No. of subjects recruited1111
Gender (Male/Female)8/38/3
Median Age (Range)50 (25–70)48 (30–65)
BMI kg/m220.85 (15.5–28.6)20.97 (13.8–26.1)
Diabetic MedicationsMetforminInsulin+Glimepiride
Smear Grade: 0/1+/2+/3+0/3/4/40/1/6/4
Cavitary Disease (Y/N)4/75/6
Lung Lesions (Unilateral/Bilateral)7/46/5
Glycated hemoglobin level, %11 (7.7–15.6)10.2 (7.9–14.3)
  1. The values represent the geometric mean (and the 95% confidence intervals) except for age where the median (and the range) are depicted