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Fig. 3

From: Changes of CD103-expressing pulmonary CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in S. japonicum infected C57BL/6 mice

Fig. 3

The expression of CD69, CD62L and CD107a on CD103 expressing CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. Mice were percutaneous infected by S. japonicum. 5–6 week later, lungs were picked out. Single lung cell suspensions were separated from naive and infected mice, and stained with monoclonal antibodies against mouse CD4, CD8, CD103, CD69, CD62L and CD107a. The average expression level of CD69, CD62L and CD107a on CD4+ and CD8+ CD103+ T cells were detected by the means of cell surface staining, results were calculated from FACS data. Data was from three independent experiments with 5–6 mice per group and shown as mean ± SEM. Variable of the data was analyzed by the Tukey’s HSD. * for P < 0.05

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