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Table 3 Concordance in external quality assessment (EQA; MIC and β-lactamase testing results only)

From: The European gonococcal antimicrobial surveillance programme (Euro-GASP) appropriately reflects the antimicrobial resistance situation for Neisseria gonorrhoeae in the European Union/European Economic Area

CountryNo. of susceptibility tests% of isolates with MICs >2 doubling dilutions from the modal MIC (no.)
Austria2101.4 (3)
Denmark4200.5 (2)
France4602.6 (12)
Greece2910.3 (1)
Italy4304.2 (18)
Malta2301.3 (3)
Norway1800.6 (1)
Portugal4302.1 (9)
Slovenia7300.6 (4)
Spain5202.5 (13)
Sweden4901.4 (7)
The Netherlands2100
United Kingdom5103.1 (16)
  1. aLow number of isolates available and previously used disc diffusion method
  2. bRecent Euro-GASP member and very low number of isolates available
  3. cPreviously used disc diffusion method for EQA and therefore low number of EQA MIC results available