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Table 3 Frequencies of HBV variants analyzed by deep sequencing in Family 2

From: Deep sequencing of hepatitis B surface antigen gene in the preserved umbilical cords in immunoprophylaxis failure against mother-to-child HBV transmission

HBV variants1st-born child2nd-born child1st-born child1st-born child2nd-born child2nd-born childMother
n = 13Umbilical cordUmbilical cordSerumNailsSerumNailsNails
G44E   1.8   
P56L 6.7     
I68T  37.838.51.58.4 
F93S      2.0
C107Y     15.0 
L110P   1.9   
S117 N   2.0   
T118K    23.4  
D144A    2.5  
G145A    11.2 34.8
W167 L     8.3 
  1. All data in the table are percentages