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Table 4 AST results with Alfred 60AST compared to direct Phoenix for Gram-positive bacteria during both periods

From: Rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing on positive blood cultures through an innovative light scattering technology: performances and turnaround time evaluation

AntibioticCategorical agreement (%)Very major errors (%)Major errors (%)Minor errors (%)
Ampicillin Enterococci20/25 (80)1/15 (6.7)1/10 (10)3/25 (12)
Cefoxitin CNS37/45 (82.2)0/268/19 (42.1)NA
Cefoxitin SA39/39 (100)0/30/36NA
Total96/109 (88.1)1/44 (2.3)9/65 (13.8)3/25 (12)
  1. CNS coagulase-negative Staphylococci, NA not applicable (No intermediate zone), SA Staphylococcus aureus