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Table 3 Contribution of Q fever infection to adverse pregnancy outcomes among 179 pregnant women with perinatal complications, Saint Pierre, Reunion island, May to October 2013

From: Pregnancy outcomes of Q fever: prospective follow-up study on Reunion island

Adverse pregnancy outcomesARP (%)95% CIPAF (%)
A. Exposure variable: Coxiella burnetii Phase 2 IgG ≥ 1:64
 Composite outcomea34.723.2–44.45.3
 Stillbirth52.5−1.07 - 89.110.5
B. Exposure variable: Coxiella burnetii Phase 2 IgG ≥ 1:256 or Phase 2 IgM ≥ 1:48
 Composite outcomea29.010.1–43.92.2
  1. Data are attributable fractions among the exposed (ARP or etiologic fractions), 95% confidence intervals (95% CI), and population attributable fractions (PAF). aMiscarriage, stillbirth, or preterm birth, or small-for-gestational age