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Table 7 Studies on the Clinical Value of Biomarkers Including Interleukin-6 in Sepsis Patients

From: Diagnostic and prognostic value of interleukin-6, pentraxin 3, and procalcitonin levels among sepsis and septic shock patients: a prospective controlled study according to the Sepsis-3 definitions

Author [reference No.]Song et al.Takahashi et al. [20]Behnes et al. [35]Hamed et al. [32]Harbarth et al. [16]Jekarl et al. [19]Mat-Nor et al. [36]Miguel-Bayarri et al. [18]
Year of publication20192016201420172001201320162011
BiomarkersIL-6, PTX3
IL-6, PCT, presepsin, CRPIL-6, PCT, presepsin, CRPIL-6, PTX3, PCT, CRPIL-6, PCT, IL-8IL-6, PCT, CRPIL-6, PCTIL-6, PCT, CRP
CaseSepsisSevere sepsis, septic shockSeptic shockSepsisSepsisSevere sepsis, septic shockSepsisSevere sepsis, septic shock
ControlHealthy control,
Patient control
No infection with organ dysfunctionPatient control, SIRS, sepsis, severe sepsisHealthy control, patient controlSIRSSIRS, sepsisSIRS
Diagnostic valueIL-6> PTX3> PCT > CRPIL-6 > PCT > CRP> presepsinIL-6 > PCT > presepsin > CRPIL-6 = PTX3 = PCT > CRPPCT > IL-6 > IL-8PCT > IL-6 > CRPPCT > IL-6
Most valuable prognostic markerIL-6IL-6IL-6IL-6
  1. ED emergency department, ICU intensive care unit, IL-6 interleukin-6, PTX3 pentraxin 3, PCT procalcitonin, CRP C-reactive protein