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Table 1 Literature review of studies on fungal keratitis caused by Trichophyton spp.

From: Simultaneous dermatophytosis and keratomycosis caused by Trichophyton interdigitale infection: a case report and literature review

YearPlaceSpecies (Numbers of patients)CauseIdentification methodCo-existence infectionsReference
1973India, JaipurTrichophyton spp. (1)TraumaNo[28]
2001Anhui, ChinaT. mentagrophytes (1)CultureEyelids infection[20]
2003OmanT. mentagrophytes (1)TraumaCulture + urease testNo[22]
2005Zhejiang, ChinaT. mentagrophytes (2); T. verrucosum (1)CultureUnclear[27]
2006Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaT. schoenleinii (5)Smear + culture + histopathologyNo[29]
2010CroatiaTrichophyton spp. (1)Contact lens useCulture + histopathologyNo[30]
2011Saudi ArabiaTrichophyton spp. (1)TraumaSmear + culture + histopathologyNo[31]
2012Saudi ArabiaT. schoenleinii (12); T. verrucosum (2); Trichophyton spp. (14)Direct smear + cultureUnclear[21]
2014Delhi, IndiaT. rubrum (1); T. erinacei (1)TraumaCulture + biochemical identificationNo[26]
2014KoreaTrichophyton spp. (1)Smear + cultureOnychomycosis[32]
2018Changchun, ChinaT. interdigitale (1)Smear + culture + ITS sequencingDermatophytosisPresent study