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Table 7 Association of Other Enabling Factors with UTI among Mekelle University Students with Symptomatic UTI, Northern Ethiopia, February–September 2017

From: Bacteriological profile, risk factors and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of symptomatic urinary tract infection among students of Mekelle University, northern Ethiopia

VariableTotalSignificant BacteriuriaCOR (95%,CI)p-valueAOR (95%,CI)p-value
History of UTI
 Yes4226168.93 (5.27–28.14)0.0015.75 (1.70–19.4)0.005*
History of DM
 Yes15692.52 (.130–12.411)0.836NA 
Using contraceptive
History of Medication
History of Catheter
 Yes11654.8 (1.68–22.387)0.00618.2 (4.45–74.77)0.001*
Male Circumcision
 No193162.73 (2.120–14.063)0.0013.89(0.66–71.56)0.106
Female Sexual Activity
 Never had Sex177431341   
 Had sex < 3 per week6116451.1(1.004–3.593)0.0481.605(0.637–4.05)0.316
 Had sex ≥3 per week11562.59 (1.26–6.12)0.0152.16 (1.149–3.69)0.012*
  1. Note: *Statistically significant at P < 0.05.DM, diabetes mellitus; AOR adjusted odds ratio, COR crude odds ratio, 1 referent group, CI confidence interval, N/A not applicable