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Table 2 Discriminative power of each classification for IAI by pathogen sensitive to antibiotic scheme for CA-IAI

From: Intra-abdominal infections: the role of different classifications on the selection of the best antibiotic treatment

Classification of intra-abdominal infectionAUROC curve (95% CI) for ATB 1AUROC curve (95% CI) for ATB 2
Place of acquisition: CA-IAI, HCA-IAI, HA-IAI0.59 (0.50–0.68)0.66 (0.56–0.75)
Place of acquisition: CA-IAI and HA-IAI0.54 (0.45–0.63)0.59 (0.49–0.69)
Extent of infection: uIAI or cIAI0.61 (0.52–0.70)0.50 (0.40–0.60)
Local of infection0.57 (0.48–0.66)0.57 (0.48–0.67)
Current model0.65 (0.57–0.74)0.60 (0.50–0.70)
  1. AUROC area under receiver operating characteristics, CI confidence interval, ATB I, non-pseudomonal cephalosporin or ciprofloxacin plus metronidazole, ATB 2 piperacillin/tazobactam, CA-IAI community-acquired intra-abdominal infection, HCA-IAI healthcare-associated intra-abdominal infection, HA-IAI hospital-acquired intra-abdominal infection, uIAI uncomplicated intra-abdominal infection, cIAI complicated intra-abdominal infection