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Table 1 Flow chart of the study outlining follow-up visits and assessments at each visit

From: Integrated treatment of hepatitis C virus infection among people who inject drugs: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (INTRO-HCV)

 Screening 1 (part 1)Screening 2 (part 2)Treatment initiation or referral to standard treatment (physician)Treatment follow-up (4 weeks after initiation)Treatment follow-up (8 weeks after initiation)Treatment follow-up (12 weeks after initiation)Effect assessment (12 weeks after completion)Annual follow-up
Acceptable time shift (days)   ± 7± 7± 7± 14± 60
Physician assessment  X   XX
Research nurse assessmentXX    XX
- Informed consentX       
- Eligibility assessmentXXX     
- Follow-up by staff delivering treatment and providing information (several times weekly)  XXXX  
- Clinical assessmentXXbbbb X
- Counselling on prevention  XXXXXX
Elastographya X    (X)X
Lab tests        
- Viral testingX     XX
Full blood count and transaminasesX  bbbXX
HSCL-10 (mental health)X     XX
FAS (fatigue symptoms)X     XX
EQ-5D-5 L (quality of life)X     XX
Infection risk behaviourX     XX
Substance use patternsX     XX
HCV genotyping and viral loadX     XX
  1. aElastography after treatment will be assessed in Bergen and not in Stavanger due to elastography availability only in hospital clinic and not outpatient clinic
  2. bAdditional tests will be taken on clinical indication