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Table 3 Comparative results of the numbers of spots and composition in three groups

From: Clinical effect of T-SPOT.TB test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis

Spot typesLTBIActive TB infectionOld TB infectionχ2/PZ/P
ESAT-6 unique positive
 Composition rate27.7814.8820.66120.844/< 0.001
 Median spot number12.0020.0016.00 57.080/< 0.001
 Spot number interquartile range8.00,23.0012.00,36.258.50,26.50
CFP-10 unique positive
 Composition rate16.075.9612.57116.473/< 0.001
 Median spot number11.0017.0019.50 19.355/< 0.001
 Spot number interquartile range7.00,20.009.00,31.757.00,32.25
ESAT-6 and CFP-10 double positive
 Composition rate56.1579.1666.77297.397/< 0.001
 ESAT-6/median spot number24.0044.0029.00 320.640/< 0.001
 ESAT-6/ Spot number interquartile range12.00,46.0024.00,80.0014.00,60.00
CFP-10/ median spot number24.0046.0026.00 320.728/< 0.001
CFP-10 (Spot number interquartile range)12.00,47.0023.00,89.0015.00,54.00
Total spot number
 Composition rate100.00100.00100.00
 ESAT-6/ median spot number15.0036.0020.00635.730/< 0.001
 ESAT-6/(Spot number Interquartile range)7.00,33.0017.00,70.009.00,43.00
 CFP-10/median spot number12.0035.0019.00535.277/< 0.001
 CFP-10 (Spot number interquartile range)4.00,30.0011.00,75.006.00,40.25
  1. TB: tuberculosis; LTBI: latent TB infection