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Table 1 Characteristics of patient population described in case-series (A) and case reports (B)

From: Diagnostic tools used in the evaluation of acute febrile illness in South India: a scoping review

Name of studyCriteria for inclusionSocio-demography
Kumar et al., 2008 [73]4 cases: AFI diagnosed as malaria with radiological evidence of splenic involvement as a complication of malariaCase-1: 42-year -old male
Case-2: 38-year-old male
Case-3: 65-year-old male
Case-4: 15-year-old male
All patients were from KA
Katoch et al., 2016 [74]4 cases: AFI diagnosed as rickettsial infection with the presence of purpura fulminansCase-1: 6-month-old infant female
Case-2: 12-month-old female
Case-3:7-month-old female
Case-4:4 years old male
All patients from KA
Saifudheen et al., 2012 [76]2 cases: AFI with meningoencephalitis diagnosed as scrub typhusCase-1: 45-year-old male, farmer
Case-2: 30-year-old housewife
Both patients from KE
Prasannan et al., 2017 [75]4 cases: AFI with complication of gangrene diagnosed as a rickettsial infectionCase-1: 3-month-old female
Case-2: 2-year-old male
Case-3:12-month-old female
Case-4: 8-year-old female
All patients from KA
Name of studyCase description and participant characteristics
Manickam et al., 2014 [83]A case of scrub typhus pneumonia in a 9-year-old female. Other causes of AFI ruled out before testing for scrub typhus. WFT > 1:160 antibody titre for OX-K antigen was positive while OX-2, OX-19 were negative
Chandy et al., 2009 [78]A case of hantavirus AFI in a 46-year-old male granary worker
Devarajan et al., 2012 [79]A case of a 55-year-old male with symptoms of AFI complicated by haematuria diagnosed as scrub typhus
Thangaratham et al., 2006 [85]A case of a 22-year-old male presenting with symptoms of AFI and diagnosed as coinfection of malaria with dengue
Bhat et al., 2015 [77]Clinical manifestations and lab parameters in a 22-year-old patient with AFI caused by 4 infections- dengue, vivax and falciparum malaria, Hepatitis A and E infection
Jagdishkumar et al., 2016 [80]A case of a 3-year-old male with AFI diagnosed with dengue and typhoid simultaneously
Kakarapathi et al., 2014 [81]Clinical manifestations of AFI caused by vivax malaria manifesting with neurological, haematological and renal complications in a 73-year-old woman
Madi et al., 2014 [82]Dengue-associated neurological manifestations in a 49-year-old male who presented with AFI
Sitalakshmi et al., 2005 [84]Description of AFI in a 27-year-old male diagnosed with Plasmodium malariae