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Table 3 Numerical results of the regression model

From: Development of a high number, high coverage dog rabies vaccination programme in Sri Lanka

VariableOdds RatioConfidence Interval (95%)P value (α = 0.05)
Sex: Female1Baseline category
Sex: Male1.455(1.2–1.77)<  0.001
Neuter Status: Entire1Baseline category
Neuter Status: Neutered1.54(1.256–1.886)<  0.001
Infant Hunger0.999(0.999–1)0.065
Distance to SP: [2.1 m, 126 m]1Baseline category
Distance to SP: (126 m, 194 m]0.792(0.616–1.015)0.066
Distance to SP: (194 m, 279 m]0.63(0.488–0.813)<  0.001
Distance to SP: (279 m, 1100 m]0.614(0.475–0.792)<  0.001
BCS: Underweight0.623(0.352–1.03)0.085
BCS: Healthy1Baseline category
BCS: Overweight0.415(0.16–1.08)0.071
Age: Adult1Baseline category
Age: Young0.275(0.183–0.415)0.017
  1. Baseline categories are used as criterion values to calculate the odds ratios